Akshayakalpa meticulous training and guidance to farmer families in organic farming practices.

Trained Organic Farmers

Organic fodder grown on soil free from pesticides and fertilizers is the main source of nourishment for the cows.

Chemical-free soil and Organic Fodder

Free-roaming cows living in a natural, stress free environment

Use of organic manure

Cows have access to nutritious food and clean drinking water at all times

Specially-curated balanced diets for cows

Free-roaming cows living in a natural, stress free environment

Happy, healthy cows

Automated milking and packaging processes ensure the milk is untouched by human hands and is 100% contamination free.

Contactless milking and packaging processes & distribution

Immediately after milking, Milk is chilled to 4°C to inhibit the growth of bacteria and to conserve natural nutrients.

Chilled to 4° celsius upon milking

More than 25 quality tests at the farm and plant level to check for antibiotic residue, synthetic hormones, and pesticides.

Free from Antibiotics and Adulteration

Fresh, wholesome and nutritious milk is delivered to your doorstep under a continous cold chain within 36 hours of milking.

Delivered Fresh Everyday